Despite a ventilation system using only filtered fresh air on board a spacious coach, for the well-being of our travellers we have installed an air purifier system.
The system improves the air quality on board by producing negative ions and ozone in the right proportions.

Ozone is the most powerful antibacterial, disinfectant and oxidant known today. It eliminates dust mites, bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19) and mold. Ozone is completely natural and environmentally friendly and doesn't use any chemicals.

It increases the oxygen concentration, maintains healthy levels and prevents the development of stale air inside the vehicle.

A system tested and approved by experts.

How can we travel in safety ? 

  • Passengers disinfects their hands before entering the coach 
  • Face masks on board are compulsory for people older then 12 years 
  • During your trip you will keep the same seat
  • Only the middle door is used to get on board and to get out
  • Toilet is closed 
  • Passengers limite contact with other passengers when getting on and off the coach 
  • Coaches are disinfected also during the regular stops 
  • Coaches are well ventilated during the stops 
  • Luggages are safely loaded and unloaded by the driver 
  • Barrier gestures are highly recommended for your protection and other's protection
  • We are at your service for further information. 

Travel safe and responsible by coach from Kim Taylor on Vimeo.